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Full Web Service, how to allow multiple sections of contextroot



We have a Full Web Service rule in place to include the contextroot inside the service signature. However there are multiple web-services with a different path depth. Some context-roots have only one segment, other two and some of them even three.

When we state: "segmentsToCopyFromUrlPath": 3, the full path is taken as contextroot for the services with only one or two sections.

I think an option should be available to just remove the last part of the URI which represents the service itself.



  "type": "FULL_WEB_SERVICE",
  "name": "{{.name}}",
  "description": "Include Context Path in WCF Service Naming",
  "enabled": true,
  "detectAsWebRequestService": false,
  "managementZones": [],
  "conditions": [
      "attributeType": "WEBSERVICE_NAMESPACE",
      "compareOperations": [
          "type": "STARTS_WITH",
          "values": [
          "ignoreCase": "true"
  "contextRoot": {
    "segmentsToCopyFromUrlPath": 3



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

great idea for an RFE! 


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