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General feedback on handling access to custom metrics ingested into dynatrace


I'm looking for general guidance / how you all handle this today. We have teams starting to ingest custom cloudwatch metrics into dynatrace. The metric key will show up but they don't have access to the data for the metric. We have to then add a dimensional rule to provide access to the exact metric key OR we do some sort of prefix. There has to be a better way of providing this access more proactively instead of waiting until teams reach out saying they can't see the data.

One option I thought of is making it a reqmt to add a dimension with the key being something like mgmt_zone with the value being the mgmt zone that should have access to the metric data. We could then setup a generic rule to all mgmt zones and any new ones we create.

I really don't like having to be reactive, after the fact fixing things and I don't like having to specify specific metric key prefixes as it leaves too much room for error. This requires teams to abide by that metric key prefix plus we have to then check to ensure that metric key prefix is not already being used by another team, this is just too much unnecessary work.

Any thoughts around how to better set this access for teams?


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