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Getting Host Unavailable incident due to DNS unavailable for the SaaS Cluster?


Hi, We are getting host unavailable problems for a windows host in OneAgent. When we checked we found in the windows event logs some DNS failure warnings were noticed for the Saas cluster IP. What should be done? Any idea?



If memory serve me correct, there is something like a ruxit.conf or OneAgent.conf or some *conf file in the directory of OneAgent, maybe you can edit the conf file, and change the Managed Website from name to IP? then restart OneAgent

Hi Wai, Let me check the conf files. Also, the cluster is having 5 Saas instances to it. Need to check in config file if it accepts multiple IPs. ~Regard, Rajesh

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

According to my knowledge, changing agent config files manually will not affect long therm changes. Those files will be overwrite after agent restart.

Those parameters can be setup during installation, here is setup for windows:


Regards, Sebastian

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