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Host availability State Metric showing No_Data


Hi Team,

We are trying to plot the host availability state metric for a specific host but while plotting on the graph we are able to see some host statuses such as up, unmonitored Agent stopped, No_data, and shutdown   PFB Snapshot. Can anyone please help me understand what No_Data means as checked in Docs( N0_data indicates the host is working and Oneagent is active, but no data is being sent )but as checked the st Host level it is up and running and the network is also fine.





DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


You can check host availability states here.

Indicates that the host is working and OneAgent is active, but no data is being sent.

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Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

It appears there might be some confusion between Host Availability and OA (OneAgent) monitoring.
To put it simply, Dynatrace keeps an eye on the "state" of each host, depending on messages from OneAgent. It's not as simple as "OneAgent sends data, so the host is active."
In certain cases or network issues, the host might show a "NO Data" state, even if OneAgent is sending metrics. This happens because messages from the OS agent, like "I'm shutting down" or "I'm back online," might not reach Dynatrace, causing a difference in the reported host state.

Hi PacoPorro,

Thanks for the information but as checked on the host level there was no network issue observed during the observed time frame.PFB snapshot 




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