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Hosts/Domains are not being detected under Applications (My web application)


@Andreas G. and Team, Please help us with this.

How Appmon used to detect the individual domain/host as a separate application, Dynatrace oneAgent is not detecting Hosts/Domains under My web application in Applications.

PFA screenshot of Purepath got detected but the application, and we are expecting to see the Host based on header value


1. If the content type is Non HTML, is there a way we can customize in Dynatrace to see the Requests related non-HTML contents (e.g. Content-Type: application/json) under Applications/My web Application?

2. Is there a way we can split the traffic based on Host header values? Please see the screenshot attached from Purepaths, need your help in detecting the application based on Request Header value. In this case we are hoping to see the host as a separate application under My web application

When we reached to the Dynatrace support team, we were told "We can see that there is never an HTML document being loaded for either of these apps. Since there is no HTML document being loaded, the Ruxit Agent can never be properly injected for any of those apps, which means, we will not be able to capture data for these apps, and put them in the corresponding application"



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

In Dynatrace, Applications only house web/mobile RUM (Real User Monitoring) data. If you have a web application that users access via a web browser, the RUM JavaScript agent can be injected and the data collected can be found under My Web Application and then mapped out of it to a separate application. RUM is equivalent to UEM (User Experience Management) in AppMon. For web services, you can start your monitoring at the Service level and just ignore the Application level.

Tags and Management Zones can help you focus on the service(s) you want to for non-web apps.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for a quick response @Dave M. I like the idea of Tags and Management zones. Before I try that, I am wondering is there something I can try with the custom applications option? any thoughts?

Custom applications is for example for instrument in rich clients for systems. If you have source code, you can instrument it and see user sessions from it. In such case you have to create custom application.


Regards, Sebastian

I agree...

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