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How Dynatrace calculate System CPU Usage metric?


I want to understand the method which Dynatrace uses to calculate system CPU usage. In my case one of our server ( Linux) is consuming 43 % of CPU usage out of which 38 % is consumed by system. Could it be possible to get more details or breakdown of 38 % , what are the system calls which are consuming this CPU.



You should be able to click the "Consuming processes" button underneath that chart and get more detailed info.

@Rocky O.

Consuming processes will not give the usage details for system. Even if I calculate the cpu usage of all processes running , the count is not more than 6 %.

What does vmstat / top say on this system?

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DynaMight Legend

AS of now you cannot get any deeper into "System" to see what part of the systems is consuming those resources. "system" just lumps everything together as it relates to the system OS and such like the kernel. You might want to jump on the box and dig deeper into it.

I recommend putting in a RFE for some deeper analysis on "System" when it comes to cpu consumption.


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