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How can I correlate failed outbound service requests with the requesting client?


I have web requests which on the server are calling a data service that fails. I would like to be able to trace these failed service requests back to the client requests that caused them in order to determine whether this traffic is from a bot or a real users.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello Rick,

On the details page of the service affected, filter the service for those requests that have a high failure rate. Then click on the button "More..." and click on Analyze Backtrace. At this point we have different options to get that information:
- In Purepaths of the first invoked service, you can see the Client IP or Forwarded IP

-In the Analyze Backtrace or in the Service details screen you can apply filters to see if the traffic is from Real User or from Synthetic

- You can go up to Application or User action level to analyze those calls (still with the filter of failed transactions applied)


Thanks for your answer, however, this doesn't work in this instance because the problem is around an outbound service call from my web application and so I cannot add the user-type filter to the details, it's not available. It seems that these outbound service calls are not tracking back to their associated client requests.

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