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How do I check if the oneagent is up and running on my host


Hi Support,

I have been trying to use a trial version of DT Oneagent SaaS with easy travel web application and mobile as applications.

Due to port limitation in my environment, I am able to connect my host and apparently my oneagent only on and off. When the port 443 is open, I see that the host is seen active in my environment. But I am not able to see any traffic running with the application(I have been creating and simulating user acitvities from the easy travel on the host continously). I fear that the One agent is not up and running so that it can send data to the cluster.

I have tried turning On and Off the agent from the host overview page from settings, without luck.

Also upon trying to check the physical install logs on the host, I do not find the logs entry.

Please help.





Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

My guess if you are using the out of the box easy travel, it could be configured with App Mon agents, have ensured that App Mon agents are not running?

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