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How does Dynatrace Synthetic judge availability?



I have a question about Synthetic monitorinig availability.

Synthetic monitorinig has following errors.

  • Timeout(Script timeout: 5 minutes, Event timeout: 60 seconds)
  • HTTP status code 400-599
  • not found html element

I guess that when the website returns HTTP status 200 in time, Synthetic consider available.

If so, do we basically not need to set Validate content (text / element)?

Is this understanding correct?

Best Regards,

Masahiko Enda


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi @Masahiko E.,

yes - that's correct.

Kind regards, Philipp


There's always a chance that the site returns 200 OK but there's still an error message on screen. Of course if you know the site's behavior / how it's coded really well and are certain that something like this could never happen, then maybe the content doesn't need to be validated. But I would guess that in most cases you cannot guarantee that, and as such I would say it's a best practise to always have some kind of validation there.

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