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How does Dynatrace manage different environments?


Currently within AppMon we have a production and a pre production server that contain system profiles and agent groups relevant to each environment.

I'm wondering what the options are for separating environments using Dynatrace SaaS as there is no concept of a system profile. Will we need a separate tenancy for each environment?

Any info appreciated.




Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Separate tenants are the only option at this exact moment to truly separate logical environments with a "hard" border. Note that you can additionally use process group rules in combination with tagging to logically split apart entities (hosts, process groups, services) based on criteria such as prod vs pre-prod.

Note that it is currently in beta (with a more public beta coming soon) but there is an already announced feature called Management Zones which will allow you to much more easily split different logical groups in your environment and assign permissions and visibility accordingly. They are basically designed to help address situations such as what you described. In combination with what is already available I think this would address your use case better than separate environments.


This is actually a VERY useful feature in SaaS, unfortunately there is a number of dashboard tiles that in beta do not support management zones. Hopefully soon...

I have a customer where we need to manage 7 different logical environments, where this feature will be of a significant benefit.

Thanks James. Will keep up to date with this new feature.

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