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How does OneAgent detect frameworks?


We noticed one of our applications had detected a new framework, but it was listed as "Unknown". The existing frameworks for this application are AngularJS and jQuery. From what I was told by development, AngularJS is the old version of Angular (1.x) which is a totally different framework than what we are on (7.x). Angular has a lightweight port of jQuery built into it, but not the full jQuery framework. Does Dynatrace pick apart the actual framework?

On a related note to the "newly detected framework", the frameworks and packages which are added to the app are controlled by a single file which hasn't been updated since May.

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DynaMight Guru

AngularJS is the same name (in dynatrace) for Angular and old AngularJS. Dynatrace is understending js files loaded with page (this is my understanding of this mechanism). It is possible that Dynatrace found on some transaction execution of code similar to jQuery, but couldn’t detect what exactly it is. Such detections are always made in context of recorded traffic.


Regards, Sebastian

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