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How does OneAgent work when network trouble occurs ? (from the point of view of the network)



Our customer has some questions about how OneAgent works when network trouble occurs between the OneAgent and Dynatrace SaaS cluster.
They are considering the impact on the network in their data center.
In this case, we suppose that the customer use Dynatrace SaaS and there is no Private Security Gateway on the environment.

Could you provide the answers or related information to the following questions?

Q1. Does OneAgent check the connectivity to the Dynatrace Cluster?

Q2. If Q1 is yes, how often does OneAgent check the connectivity to the Dynatrace Cluster? And the interval decrease with the passage of time? Or it is done at the static interval?

Q3. When network connectivity is lost, does OneAgent keep trying to send the measurement data(each metrics, purePath related data and so on) or stop sending measure data?

Any information would be appreciated related to this topics.

Thanks, Noah



Hello team, Maybe anyone can answer for this questions? I think it is important. We have same questions from Customers technical administrators.

(I want to understand it from the practical point of view)

If we have 45 seconds problem with Network - Will OneAgent save PurePath related data and send it to server, or we will expect white spaces on this time?




Very interesting question!

Does somebody know the answer?

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