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How to asses impact when One Agent installed App servers' getting migrated to new data center with new IPs?


Hi All,

Kindly help in below scenario.

We have one agent managed (on prem) setup of one agent
monitoring multiple applications.

Out of all servers on which one agent is installed , 35% of
application servers’ migrating to new data center as part of DC migration
process, in the process deployment will happen on new physical hosts.

  1. All app servers will
    undergo IP change

  2. Back-up taken of old app
    servers will be installed on new physical app servers to make it active.

  3. Active gate &
    Managed server to have same IP & host name as they NOT getting

My query is :

  1. Since one agent already
    installed on all app servers, how the migrated app servers will be
    affected if

  1. If app servers IP is
    changed & host name remains same

  2. If app servers IP is
    changed & host name is changed too

What approach to be taken in the above case to minimize
reconfiguration ? or it will require fresh agent installation & complete
reconfiguration of dashboards & alerts threshold?

Pls suggest.

2nd scenario is

If my active gateway & managed server will undergo

  1. Will licenses still be
    valid even after IP is changed & hostname is changed too

  2. Will my licenses still
    be valid even after IP is changed & hostname remains same.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If the IP's change and the host remains, you will not see any adverse affects. The issue is when a host looses the GUID for the oneagent, then the system will give it a new GUID and be a new instance within the UI. But simply updating IP's will not have any issues as the change will be reflected under the properties of the host(s) in question. Just make sure if you need any firewall rules in place to have them applied when the IP's change otherwise it wont be able to communicate.

Activegate and clusters, now that might be an issue, I'd recommend reaching out to support first for those


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