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How to calculate monitoring consumption?

Community Team
Community Team

Dynatrace monitoring consumption is based on various types of monitoring units that are consumed by the Dynatrace environment during the monitoring of applications and related services. How these units are consumed?


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Community Team
Community Team

There is a detailed description of monitoring unit types and consumption available in the Dynatrace Help: How to calculate monitoring consumption?


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Hi, can the consumption be split by management zones, applications or host groups ?

The usecase would be to help see who is consuming the units and to create reports that would help our internal chargeback and showback processes.

Hey Alain,

From my experience I'd have to say that is not an option currently. Here at our organization we are a managed instance of Dynatrace which gives us full control over our environment and the data. Within out Licensing page from the CMC, I do not see any spot where you can define the rate of consumption at the management zone level. You can create new environments within your Dynatrace instance but that will separate things out an will hinder Dynatrace's AI. We have 3 Environments: Production, Test /DEV/Qa and Playground.

Production as you can imagine holds all of our Business Critical production devices and is used by everyone.

Test/DEV/Qa houses all of our Test/Dev/QA boxes of those Business Critical ones in Production - Our App Dev team uses this environment to see changes in application and host performance after code changes and over time prior to rolling out to production.

Playground is limited to Dynatrace ADmins where we can tinker with new features, settings and uses cases prior to making changes within Production and Test/DEV/QA as staff actively use these environments.

Hi Alain,

Your best bet would be to use the API to pull the list of all the hosts in your environment. If you do this the list comes with the host names, tags and host units. You can use a coding tool to make the API call and export the JSON result to excel or csv and then you would be able to correlate the host units with the tags on each host. If your tag in a way that matches your chargeback system it should be easy to walk down the excel or csv doc to get the usage of each host.

You will have to do some coding to accomplish that though.


David Nicholls

Thanks David,

Using Tags and hosts export from the API is a good idea and would help to charge back the agents.

Now I need to find how to deal with DEM consumption. I have not found any way to export DEM consumption by synthetic monitor. Any ideas.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Alain C.!

With version 1.172 of Dynatrace SaaS/Managed, there is a new metric engine for Custom Charts. This includes a metric for Synthetic Billing by Actions, which should correlate to the amount of DEM Units consumed by a Synthetic Monitor.

The specific metric is under the "Billing" category and is called Actions (located under Billing > Synthetic).

On the Metrics API v2, you can find this metric as:


Some other billing-related metrics include:

"": {},
"builtin:billing.apps.web.sessions": {},
"builtin:billing.synthetic.requests": {},
"builtin:billing.synthetic.actions": {},

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,
Joshua P.


Thanks all for all the feedback, this gives us a lot of tools to help us build reports to manage usage.

Now is there a way to effectively control usage and prevent an environnement from using more licences than a fixed amount. In a multi-environnement cluster, how can we prevent an environnement from using more host units or DEM ? For example, let's say we have a PROD and a DEV environnement and purchased a fixed amount of host units and DEM for each environnement. Can we setup fixed limits for each environnement in the cluster ? Are there any way to configure a hard limit to the number of host unit or DEM used ?

We have a need to set host units and DEM limits for each of our business units who purchase them without compromising the "end to end" view by keeping everything in centralised environnements. Is this even possible to centralise everything but still control the licence usage within an environnement ?

Hello Alain,

I don't think you can add a quota limit for the DEM units. I know that you can add a host unit limit per environment if you go to the account settings -> license details -> scroll down to quotas by environment. The only way that I know to control the usage of DEM units is to change the capture percentage of the user actions in the application settings; but that limits your visibility so that is not really advised. I think you will have to use the license details to keep an eye your usage and then you can scale as needed.


David Nicholls

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