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How to change memory dump path after OneAgent installation?


Hi Community


I have a OneAgent rolled out on a few Servers. Now, because of low disk space, we can not create memory dumps: 

Insufficient disk space in /var/lib/dynatrace/oneagent/datastorage/memorydump/20220809111947_29075: 3106365440 B free, 1GB required to stay free after dump. Dump would require approximately 10473258720 bytes.

I found the following article to change log-path:


But not for Memory Dumps. They are in the path :/var/lib/dynatrace/oneagent/datastorage/memorydump 


We installed the OneAgent with the Parameter "INSTALL_PATH=/appl/dynatrace-managed/" a few month ago but did not use the "DATA_STORAGE". How i can change the Path? Is there a oneagentctl command or do I have to reinstall the Agent?


For me it make no sense to have the dumps in /var/lib/dynatrace when e used the INSTALL_PATH Option.


Community Team
Community Team

Hi, you may want to check this post with a somehow similar issue. Hope it helps!


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