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How to get log from kubernetes container (like python process)


Hello all,

We have a kubernetes cluster. On this cluster we have some process automatically instrumented by dynatrace like PHPFPM/Nginx/PHP-CLI. If we go to an host > Click on the process > we can see the docker containers logs.

But we have some containers which is not instrumented by Dynatrace like the python one.

We can see them in Host > View Containers but as there is no process we are not able to get docker containers logs.

But we see those containers :

How can we get those containers logs ? Without that it is a nightmare for debugging as we can't access directly to docker log from dynatrace.

From my understanding Dynatrace propose to see docker container logs at process level and not at container level. So if the process is not detected by dynatrace we can't get the log. Am i right ?

Thanks in advance,



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

are you able to manually define the log and its location for detection?


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