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How to get the PAAS token from a managed Dynatrace server?


We had a managed version of Dynatrace and I'm using the steps in the documentation below: to link it with my services. It keeps giving me 401 error and I guess it is because of the PAAS token. I couldn't find a way to generate a PAAS token in the managed server web console, so I generated an API token instead. Is the PAAS token the same as an API token and if not, Where can I get the PAAS token from?




Hi, All generated PaaS tokens in Dynatrace SaaS can be found (and created) in Settings->Integration->Platform as a Service.

Hope this works for you...

Dynatrace Certified Professional

When we log in to the admin console of the our managed Dynatrace it doesn't show: Integration->Platform as a Service and I'm logged in with the admin account.

Generaly PaaS token will be configured if you will go to Deploy Dynatrace -> Configure PaaS monitoring

Regards, Sebastian

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Instruction to get paas token is also awailable in link you have provided:

Regards, Sebastian

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