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How to identify SQL statements for database lock


Let me ask you a question about how to identify SQL statements for database lock.

My customer has trouble with SQL statements analysis which is causing database locks.

(The database is MySQL.)


He wants to do the following;

1) Detecting the occurrence of database locks

2) Identify the SQL statements that caused the database lock.

Is this possible with Dynatrace?





DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Here is a link to the MSQL Data that is collected:

It states for Lock Wait Time - In order for SQL Server to manage concurrent users on the system, SQL Server needs to lock resources from time to time. The Lock waits per second counter tracks the number of times per second that SQL Server is not able to immediately retain a lock for a resource.

Deadlock - Number of lock requests that resulted in a deadlock.

I was unable to find any database locks or the statements that caused a lock, but then again I'm not a DBA either. Hopefully another community member can shed some more light on this for you.


Hi @Chad T.

Thank you for advice. It is very helpful for Microsoft SQL Server users.

I'm going to wait for more information like this in MySQL from community members.

@HIROSHI K. you are welcome! if you feel that the answer provided is correct, please select the check mark and "accept" button.

Thank you 🙂


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