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How to monitor FTP/SFTP to see the complete picture of an application


We have a critical FTP / SFTP server or service running in our environment that is KEY to the application health. Data / updates and feeds come in and are processed into the database. This data is then used in the APIs and webservices already monitored by Dynatrace. We monitor the apps, the webservices, the SQL server, but we have a blind spot on the SFTP server and the data feeds. We need to monitor this somehow and wonder if someone has already built an ActiveGate plugin or OneAgent plugin that can do FTP/SFTP

We also suggest , similar to other SaaS products like NodePing And PingDom and other services that SFTP/FTP protocol be added to synthetics. A synthetics test that could connect, and check for a file present, do a test upload or download of a small test.txt would be a GREAT addition to the Dynatrace synthetics tests.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Our services organization has created such plugins in the past for customers. You can reach out to your account or delivery manager for a quote.



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