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How to segregate windows system processes running on multiple servers from being grouped under one single process group

We have 122 windows servers and the windows_system process running on these servers are grouped under one single process group, is there a way to segregate this? host group and management zone isnt preferred due to various reasons. The problem is when any process fails it triggers multiple alerting profiles as there are some automatic tagging rules setup and the single process group has been tagged with multiple tags.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

The only method I have tested would be to implement Host grouping. You can also look at the group detection rules but I have not tested this:


Hi Chad, Thanks for looking into this, the thing is im not finding a suitable rule to define and single out this windows system process, i used main technology = sqlite but it detects someother processes too. Please see below i have attached a process and process group

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