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In purepaths I see more time is consumed in socketRead0 can you please help me to understand the issue better?

Here is the session attached


I am running a jee application on Websphere application server.

If you see the transaction flow nothing is shown in red also transaction response time contribution of database is (0.03%)very less.

Execution time of queries is also very very less.

But the socketRead0 alone took all the respone time which is 21921.28ms

What could be the issue?

Does the scoketRead0 here intdicates data being fetched to the application over the network.

Could you pleae analyze the purepaths and help me understand the issue better?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


The time is consumed by calls which are not instrumented by default. That is why the transaction flow shows different numbers.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


In addition to what Harry said, keep in mind that is a low level java function. It's best to look up the stack and search for the context of what's calling In this situation (as identified by Harry), it's a JDBC call to

This can happen if the result set is excessively large, and/or if the database is slow and/or the network might be slow. Perhaps take a look at the associated JDBC Execute and inspect the number of rows returned.

But either way, you now know where your transaction is spending most of it's time.


joe hoffman

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