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Is Davis capable of using Management Zones?


We want to use Davis for our individual product-teams, that are using Dynatrace SaaS, and are nicely separated with Management Zones within 1 tenant.

If I look at the configuration of te Davis skill, I don't see a way to limit Davis functionality to individual MZ's.

Is it possible, or planned, to have a configuration where individual Alexa devices can be bound to individual MZ's within 1 tenant?

The notification option within Davis already provides a TAG filter, so maybe it's something that is already foreseen...

Thanks for your answers!

Dynatrace Certified Professional


Unfortunately, in its current state Davis cannot take advantage of management zones. Davis uses the same public REST API that is available to customers which does not yet have support for Management Zones. We are looking forward to adding support for Management Zones as soon as there is support in the REST API.

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