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Is OneAgent browser extension compatible with walkme extension on chrome ?


In order to monitor Salesforce lightning using browser extension, we are observing a conflict between Dynatrace browser extension and WalkMe extention. The dynatrace plug in is able to capture partial data with walkme extension. Is there a workaround or fix for this issue?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Only Idea I have is to check if dynatrace is injected before walkme and others js files. If no maybe you can tweak application settings for such case.


Regards, Sebastian

Unfortunately I could not find such setting on the browser. I am not sure how flexible with the application will be for such tweaks.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I'm not sure if this is really related to the WalkMe extension. I have no idea what the WalkMe extension does as there is no information in the chrome extension store.
Do you see better results if the WalkMe extension is disabled. But even than, I guess it is more a problem of the locker service used by Salesforce lightning apps. Once the locker service is loaded before our Dynatrace JavaScript code, Dynatrace is not able to capture anything as the locker service is creating a shadow dom tree. The challenge is, that the extensions are controlled by Chrome and there is no way to direct Chrome to first load the extension and "stop" loading the page till the extension is in place. So what can happen even with the extension is, that the page is loaded and the service locker is in place before our Dynatrace RUM JavaScript code is executed.

To answer your questions: Do you see better results if the WalkMe extension is disabled - Relatively YES.

We ran multiple scenario tests with browser plugin on lightning platform. It turns out (and this is validated by Salesforce too) that some of the modules of Salesforce lightning are picked as it is from Classic. This gives us a small window to capture overall application performance. We are able to get appdex metrix and have also managed to identify some of the key user actions. But like you mentioned Dynatrace is not able to capture everything as the locker service is creating a shadow dom tree. We are unable to drill down to each action and complete user session.

Having said this, the walkme and dynatrace extension conflict is a different issue altogether. With WalkMe enabled, we are not able to capture any data at all, without walkme we atleast get the overall application performance and geographical split data.

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