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Is it possible to have custom log date formats?



Is it possible to use / configure custom log date formats?

We are troubleshooting an application which uses a format which Dynatrace does not recognize.



Hi Tarjei,

Unfortunately, if a log format is used that is not supported by Dynatrace, it will generate an Incorrect date format error and will not be analyzed or stored (only the file status will be reported). See here. I will suggest you create a Request For Enhancement (RFE) here detailing your use case to see if this feature can be added in the future



Community Team
Community Team

Here are the requirements for a time stamp in a plain-text log file in Log Monitoring v2:
Log data formats 


"Any plain-text log file as long as it contains a time stamp that meets these basic requirements:

  • The file must be encoded as UTF-8 or UTF-16. All other encoded files will be recognized as binary.

  • A time stamp must appear at the beginning of each log entry.

  • The time stamp date can be separated using either of the following:
    / (slash)
    - (dash)
    . (period)
    T (Combined date and time in UTC, ISO 8601 format)
    , (comma)
    @ (ampersand)

  • For the time stamp date, either month abbreviations or full names can be used in the date format.
    By default, Log Monitoring recognizes only English month abbreviations and months represented by number (1-12 and jan-dec).

  • Time stamp must include BOTH, the date and time.

  • Time stamp time is in the following format:

    • [0-9]{1,2}:[0-9]{2}:[0-9]{2}((\.|,)[0-9]{1,9})?( *AM|PM)? *((GMT|UTC)?[+-][0-9]{2,4})?(GMT|CEST|CET|OTHER_TZ_ABBREVIATION)?


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