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Is server based URL monitoring possible ?


Hi All,

I have a question regarding availability check for my application URL.

I need to provide availability check for few URLs which are running on 10 different server behind the Load Balancer [LB], its the LB that decides which URL will be running on which servers.

the case here is suppose for 9 out of 10 servers all my URL are working fine but for one server few URL aren't working & we want alert for that server.

Is it possible to generate alert based on the non availability of URL on particular server via synthetic monitoring or any other mode?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Yes you can set up synthetic check for the URL using the Environment ActiveGate. However, the ActiveGate should be running on a dedicated host and needs to have direct access to the hosts and URLs to be monitored.

Still - it's just a synthetic test. I don't know your particular use case, but you have a oneagent on the problematic host and depending on the URL/requests, you can just set up alerting on your particular requests.

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