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Is there a doc specifying what each attribute field of the dynatrace PurePath FW4 format mean?


I already found a question that show exactly what I need for the tag FW1 representation ( , Michael F. answer), but I still can't find this specification for FW4 tag generated by PurePaths.


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi Abud -

FW1, FW2, FW3, FW4 are essentially iterations of the PurePath format. These tags allow us to add increasingly granular additional context to the PurePaths. This allows us to expand. FW4 is the latest iteration and allows us to generically add further content to the string to keep making the PurePath better and more descriptive to you. Why do you need further context into the contents of the PurePath tag construction? If you have a true need this may need to be a more personal chat. @Michael K. may be able to add more context should you need it.\

Thanks -

Bob Crumley

Hi, thanks for the answer. I'm working on a system that uses AppMon and Dynatrace, and we have a network dump from this system. We want to classify and group those dumps. That's why we are looking for the meaning of each field from this tags. Do you think thats possible?

Abud -

This is not possible, as the information is for internal Cluster aggregation, and is only readable by the cluster. If you're having issues with the network, perhaps you can reach out to support to look into this further.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Those formats are subject to change to since they're internal to Dynatrace. If you're interested in something to build off of I'd check out trying W3C Trace Context support which is an open standard.

Thanks for the answer, but already looked into that. I'm working on system and taking its network dumps, but looking at the pattern that W3C fields specifys and comparing to the FW4 samples that we have, it's hard to tell which field represents what.


I want to write the dynatrace (request,trace) id into the Splunk Log as additional context information. I want to use this id to lookup the purepath/service in Dynatrace.

Which header/cookie should be used for that usecase?
We use Opentrace to add traceId/spanId to the slf4j logging context automatically and log this information with each statement. It would be nice to use some Dynatrace ids, but it is not clear which cookie/header has the same functionality.

How does Dynatrace integrate with Opentracing? If enabled will it still store the traceId and spanId even if the Dynatrace is running on that system?

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