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Is there a way to monitor the Active Gate Logs using the One Agent?


Hi All,


I would like to use the One Agent to monitor the Active Gate logs for Active Gate processes. 

This could be for standard environment or synthetics Active Gate. 


I know I can run Diagnostic collection, but this is useless for real time monitoring.

We need to be able to see errors as they are occurring.


We've applied the standard log format / approach which works for most processes, except does not work for the Active Gate processes.  


E.G. C:\ProgramData\dynatrace\gateway\log\dynatracegateway.0.0.log




What is interesting is that it does work for the Synthetics VUC process, so seems to be being blocked by One Agent. 


Any ideas, i would like to avoid having to send this to splunk when I have that capability within DT.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Interesting. We also have put the oneagent on our AGs but never used it to look at logs. If it is being blocked by dynatrace then you might need to put in a RFE for that. 


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Correct, OneAgent blocks monitoring of Dynatrace processes. Likely for safety reasons. You can request disabling the feature using support or Dynatrace One.

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