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Issues with synthetic browser clickpath using private location/Activegate


Hi ,

I am having some issues running a synthetic browser clickpath from a private location.

I have installed Activegate on a Windows Server 2016 machine following the guidelines regarding specifications needed to run it.

I install the Activegate using the "run synthetic monitors from a private location" option on a clean install of the OS no other Dynatrace software installed.

After creating the private location and setting up the browser clickpath monitor i get no data and no explicit error message , only thing i can see is the message "Synthetic Engine is offline " under the Private Synthetic Locations page.

Also i can see under deployment status that it states :

Synthetic Engine health check


The page i want to monitor is an internal webpage but i have tried setting up with an externally acessible webpage as well but no change.

Looks like the issue is related to the Activegate itself and not the page i am trying to monitor.

Any tips to resolving this issue ?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I think you should check ActiveGate logs to check why engine wasn’t fired. As windows installer does not pass any extra parameters (you just clicking through exe file) it is possible that you have to enable synthetic engine in file.

After adding this section to this file, restart active gate service and you should see Synthetic engine online. If there still will be issue, check logs. There should be error masseur, maybe some os dependency is needed to install.


Regards, Sebastian

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