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JBoss Connection Pools Extension Count Custom Metrics and DDUs License

Hi All,


We would like to know how Dynatrace calculates custom metrics and DDUs License? Such as we have data-source more than 1 data source per 1 JVM because we read on Dynatrace document fund JBoss connection pools extension use 14 custom metrics and we don't know how to Dynatrace calculates custom metrics if we have data-source more than 1 data-source per 1 JVM.




Askme Solutions,


Hi @AskMe-Solutions 

I copy paste this link that will bring you directly on the table of the consumption per extension:

The short version is this:

JBoss Connection Pools JMX Monitoring

Number of metric: 14
DDU/month: 613.2
DDU/ year: 7,358.4

So you multiply the yearly consumption per number of datasource that you will monitor and you deduct the free tier of DDU given on each specific host, based on the host unit that you are consuming (and the type of installation of oneagent that you are going with full-stack or not)

This is the link to the overview DDU licensing :

PS personal advice: be carefull, set up a limit of DDU in advance for you entire tenant and make it a job to observe how the consumption goes.

Good advice. REALLY not liking this DDU thing at all.

Hi @y_buccellato


 If I have data-source a lot of run-ons one processes Dynatrace count 14 custom metrics per processes or Dynatrace count 14 custom metrics per 1 data-source.



Ei @AskMe-Solutions 

the answear from what I've seen from my environment is: it is counted my datasource.

Another example would be you have 3 host, each host has 3 jboss (JVM), each jboss has 20 data source configured, each data source has 14 metric you would have: 3x3x20x14 metrics

Can some hardcore Dynatracer confirm? 🙂



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