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List log files for a metric


Good day.

We building a dashboard that will show the metrics for certain error conditions, with this we want to be able to have that log line to be available on the dashboard. Let me give a easy example. Lets say one of the metrics is to show if a "File not found". If there is a counter for it, we want to display or have a link to the log entry/s for that metric to for example see what file was not found in the log line. 

Is this possible and if so, how would this be done?

Thank you.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @Brandt74 there is an extension which can be used to achieve this.


  • File count: Number of files matching a pattern

  • File age count: Number of files matching a pattern and an age

  • File age: Age of a specific file (oldest or newest when returning more than 1 file)

  • File size: Size of the files in bytes

  • File mounted: Is a file mounted on Unix NFS

use cases

Path examples:

  • Count the number of log files inside /var/log/myapp
    Select check type = count
    Path = /var/log/myapp/*.log
  • Count the number of log files inside c:\temp
    Select check type = count
    Path = c:\temp*.log
  • Count the number of logs files inside /var/log/myapp and any subdirectories
    Select check type = count
    Path = /var/log/myapp/**/*.log
  • Return the total size of all files files inside /var/log/myapp
    Select check type = size
    Path = /var/log/myapp/*
  • Return the age of the oldest file in /tmp/test/
    Select check type = modification age
    Unselect user newest file
    Path = /tmp/test/*
  • Return the number of log files older than 1 hour in /tmp/test
    Select check type = modification age count
    Set Age comparison operator to Older than
    Set the threshold to 60
    Path = /tmp/test/*.log
  • Check if /data/mount-data is mounted
    Select check type = mount point
    Path = /data/mount-data
  • Check that today's log has been produced: /var/mylog20222211.log
    Select check type = count
    Path = /var/mylogYYYYMMDD.log
    The date will be the local date where the OneAgent/extension is running.
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DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hi @Brandt74

Another solution, Switch on log monitoring v2. Set the log source where you would like to search the "file not found" pattern.

At the log viewer set a filter for the log content pattern "file not found" then:

You can create a log metric with the peviously mentioned log filter. Now your "file not found" log lines will be counted. You can vizualize this metric or you can create an alert for the metric. 

or You can pin the log filter result to a dashboard, so you can see the filtered log lines on the dashboard.

Regarding the what file question: If you can define well the location of the file name in the log line, you can parse out from the logline with a simple log processing.

Some example:

Simple filter in log viewer for file not found log lines, result can be pinned to a dashboard.


Simple log metric with source and content pattern:


Simple parse a log attribute. Result obm.type value will  be propagated based on the log contet after Type:


Above processing rule results in the log viewer if "Type:" is found in a log line:


Extra tip: log attributes can be dimensions at a more complex log metric:

At this log metic the error lines counted and the additional dimension is also added. So in data explorer you can split or filer by log attributes (by dimensions)


Here is a simple example for log monitoring dashboard:


I hope it helps.

Best regards,


Dynatrace Community RockStar 2024, Certified Dynatrace Professional

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