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Load Balancer (NLB) before ActiveGates



I see it was answered saying NLB is supported before ActiveGates, I would like to know if anyone that recently went thru below scenario and how was your experience.

Here is my scenario

We are looking at placing an ActiveGate in the AWS space and rehydrate every week or month.

During this process the ActiveGates will get new server names, SSL certs, etc - the URL to download the agent will be changed that can cause some headaches. We need to put a copy of the Agent somewhere and have old and new ActiveGates up for short while and update the OneAgent again this is admin nightmare.

If an NLB is placed and as long as we have an Automation script to update the NLB we should be good to go and not worry about the copy of the OneAgent and worry about other items.

Greatly appreciate any feedback!

Thank you.



Hi Raj,

we just published the early adopter release for network zones - please see

Network zones were made to support this type of use cases.

ActiveGates within a zone have a builtin load balancing for OneAgent traffic.

You even can use a failover zone covering the OneAgent traffic during an update.

Another possibility is, to launch a second ActiveGate in the network zone, then the OneAgents in this zone will start using both of them within a couple of minutes.

Does this solve your problem?




Hello Charly,

Thank you for your response. I tried responding but my session expired and lost the message. Network Zones might help but the question I have is during the re-hydration the activegate will be dropped and new activegate will be stood up. Any agent that were connected will loose the connectivity and wouldn't know about the new ActiveGate unless I have the old and new running for short time may be an hour?

Now my customer needs to know about the new ActiveGate url so any new deployments they may have scheduled can calling the activegate to download the OneAgent. It would be very error prone unless they have one url that they can always call and that will be scripted.

Unless I am missing something in the Network Zones - I don't see another way.

Thank you

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