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Load drop alerts



i've recently enablesd load drops alerting on some of my services.

lately a problem was raised because there was no traffic on the service but the problem was closed shortly after.

when i checked i found out that most of the key requests got traffic back but one of the key requests still had no traffic.

The question is why was the problem closed even if one of the key requests was still having a load drop.

FYI : the same alert settings are applied on all the key requests


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


In this situation, I would suggest two operations to make DT more sensitive to requests with less traffic or which are more important to you:

1. setting the request as Key Request.
2. you can also split large services into smaller ones using custom services.


Have a nice day!

the request was already a key request, that's whats bothering me 

Have you tried changing the percentage threshold or time span? Perhaps you have too little deviation from normal traffic

Have a nice day!

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