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Log Analytics Questions



Some questions from one of my customers:

  1. Is
    there any plans to limit log searches by tags. For example environment:production.
  2. Can we create a log-event rule
    that's automatically applied? for example, I want to create an event to track
    the number of ERROR entries in any tomcat process running on any host;
    processes may by dynamically added.
  3. Can
    we search across all logs (globally) or in the same host(s)/process(s). for
    example, i would like to see all occurrences of a system UUID in our different process groups logs in a given time frame.
  4. Dynatrace splits
    logs by path, can we override this to use something more generic? For example I see the local
    hostname as part of the paths, so I get different paths per hostname.

Thank you and best regards,




Hi Silvia, long time no talk 😉

1. tags are implemented as part of log viewer filter box

2. yes, that is possible with a special box at the top of host list for selected process group

3. Sounds like a use case for tags

4. no, there's no possibility currently to create sth like a virtual log or a log group. One exception are rotated logs. Tags can be helpful here too.


Hi Pawel 😄 Thank you very much for the answers. I really need to catch up with Log Analytics.I will forward this to the customer 🙂

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