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Log Management/Grail Scailing Guide - Azure


Working with logs within Azure, we had some issues with Log Management and Scale. We would find ourselves hours behind real time. There was no real documentation on how to scale based on GB/hour. Then we noticed this link that provided some information (much to what we kind of sized and presumed anyway):

Azure Logs | Dynatrace Docs

However,  as we use this now for guidance, there are NO updates for Grail that seem to be dated and we think that our previous sizing templates may not be big enough/sized right for Grail. ie, we have been selective in the past, but now considering pushing more and retaining more.

I'd like to know your experiences if possible. There are no significant documentation updates, so presume the figures still stand. 




Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi @GregOReilly 

Current Azure log throughput characteristics are described in the documentation page mentioned by you in the section scaling guide . We have a backlog item to improve Azure throughput further. What would be the expected throughput in your environment?

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


Just wanted to update this topic with information about the improvement to the throughput of Azure forwarder. 
It's now up to 138GB/h ​(3,3TB/day). Refer to the documentation for details and scaling guides:

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