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Log Metrics Api Ingest - Delta between TimeSeries



We're ingesting data for external integrations using the Environment V2 logs ingest API.  There is an attribute value that's incremented every second that our Source System is running.  With a 1 minute post interval at 60 seconds, we would expect to see the value go from { custom.uptime = 500000 } to { custom.uptime = 500060 }.   Starting values can be different for each entity.


For Log Metrics, is there a way to configure a metric that would use the difference between the 'custom.uptime' value between Time Series? Our dashboard/alert would contain something split by entities, like (custom.uptime[t2] - custom.uptime[t1] / log.timestamp[t2] - log.timestamp[t1]) < 1.


Thank you


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Since this would be making a formula to produce the value you are looking for you might need to leverage a custom metric that will calculate the data as you desire, then once its formulated you can then use that value in a tile and build an alert off of it as well via the metric events.


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