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Log Viewer - Result table display only the first 1,000 log records - How to increase?

Frequent Guest

Hello all,


as noted in the documentation for log monitoring v2, the size of the download table as csv via the GUI is limited to 1,000 entries.


Since the timeframe can be minimally limited to 5 minutes, I have in debug mode always more - no matter how I filter - than 1000 entries per 5 minutes. The API export is unfortunately not an alternative, as I only allow users to export the logs of their management zone. There is no way to limit this via the api as far as I know.


So is there a way to increase the limit for the log viewer so that I can export more than 1000 entries as CSV?


I look forward to your reply. Many greetings.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I would reach out to your Account rep to see if that limit can be increased. if not, then an RFE would be the best option. 


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