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Log analytics storage

Our client is getting log analytics licensing and I have a few questions:

In case the client doesn't provide an external NFS volume to store log files, Dynatrace Managed will get them from the hosts? it won't store any log data on Dynatrace Server? Do we need any additional storage on Dynatrace server for log analytics?

Where are the logs files store when you click download log on WebUI console?

When using NFS volume, does Dynatrace get the log files from the hosts and send them to NFS volume? or the client has to configure the hosts to store log files on the NFS volume?



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

The free tier of log analytics pulls from the host only. Upgrading your license means you can use a centralized location (the NFS mount point available on your cluster nodes) to store them. I have not seen any scenarios where logs will be stored on the cluster nodes themselves.

Given that the nodes are what need access to the mount point I assume it is the OneAgents send logs to the cluster which then stores them on the NFS mount and you can pull them from there when needed.


So, if the client upgrade to log analytics, he must have an NFS volume?

To take full advantage of what is being paid for I'd say yes. There are a few other benefits though as seen in my link.

Also the client wants to have a retention time of log files of 1 year in the NFS volume, is posible to configure that?

I believe it is just dependent on how much space is available in the NFS volume. So yes but it depends on how many logs are being stored.

From the slides of the webinar "log analytics with Dynatrace", it states that the log retention is up to 90 days:

I don't know if this still correct, the video was uploaded to youtube on september 2018 @Pawel B. can you help us clarify these questions please?

I found some internal threads that say we can store beyond 90 days and some docs that say no ( I'll post with what I find if it is not added here.

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