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Log processing rule : frequency update ?



This question might be simple, but I want to ensure I have found the correct answer.

I created a processing rule in Dynatrace's log processing rules to "filter out" records if the attribute "messageStatusCode" contains "Unknown status code."



However, when I go to "logs and events," I still see logs with "Unknown status code," indicating that the rule hasn't been applied immediately.



The next day, I notice that the rule is finally applied: I no longer see "Unknown status code." If I remove my rule, the same situation occurs: I don't see "Unknown status code" (and that's ok because it's after the filter out rule), and I see them again the next day. (It's what I wanted but there is this delay...)


Why this delay ? Why do we have to wait the next day for rules to be applied ?

I understand that processing rules act like data enrichers or a "mask" hiding data.

Is there some sort of daily update frequency at midnight for log processing rules? How does it work?

Thank you for your help!


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


Are the logs that you see older than the rule or newer? 

This configuration type only considers new log entries, so if it is already inside Dynatrace, this rule doesn't apply. 

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