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Log processing rule - specifying position at which new field to be added


I am trying to add field to the log viewer using log processing rule. I am able to add the field using

PARSE(content, "JSON{STRING:message}(flat=true)")
| FIELDS_ADD(message:message)

In log viewer message field is showing at the last column. I want to specify the column or position at which this field to be added. I have looked at the FIELDS_ADD command but not able to figure out how to specify position

FIELDS_ADD( [ alias':' ]
{ *
| alias.*
| '@'position
| function
| expression
| literal
[ , ... ]

Just looking for an example of how add field position 



DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @adeeb,

would you please provide a sample from the JSON? As far as I know that you can add the fields to be parsed and according to the ordering of the added fields you should have the same ordering in the result.

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