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Log with number/hash character in the file name not uploaded



I am on managed + OneAgent v1.267.155.20230629-142023+. We moved to log Classic kinda recently.

I have a process group with Dynatrace UI showing auto-detected log files : 



/myFSLocation/var/log/tomcat/abcd2/abcd#-daily.log (File is not included in log monitoring, some log records may be missing)




  • I double checked /myFSLocation/var/log/tomcat/abcd2/abcd2-daily.log does comply with dynatrace monitorability prerequisit, including being appended at least each minute. 
  • FYI: we have some other logs for which uploading does work. Like for /myFSLocation/var/log/tomcat/abcde/abcde-daily.log (note : no number in log file name).
  • FYI : the "Maximum ingest of log events per minute" is high enough.
  • Though, we don't get any content being uploaded for this abcd2-daily.log log. I mean zero content, zero lines in.

Could we be exposed to an issue with log rotation detection ( ? Any one experienced this ? Any idea ?



(My private internal refs: dynt request: 217427 - jira: DEVOPS-14282)



I observe, when I add an extra rule in "Custom log source configuration" to tell Dynatrace /myFSLocation/var/log/tomcat/abcd2/abcd2-daily.log is a log, then it at last get's uploaded.

But not associated to its PG nor itS PGI. Which is strange, because when I watch through the PG, the tabs "Logs" shows the log file alright. If I add a PG context in the "Custom log source configuration" rule then it's contextualised all-right with PG and PGI.

Yet all this requires per log / per PGI définitions : quite some qork ! Ans not durable : if a PG-ID changes : all gone ! 🙂

Any ideas.


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