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Maximum value with "Adaptive traffic management"



I have questions from our customer.

I understand the capturing of purepath data is controlled with the function of "Adaptive traffic management". But I can not understand statistic data is the same or not.

Q1: Is statistic data controlled with the function of "Adaptive traffic management"?

Our customer has the AP Server that runs about 5000 requests / min.

Q2: If 4999 counts/min of the AP Server' requests takes under 1 second and "one" request takes 30 seconds, and the "one" request is not captured as purepath, is the maximum response time under 1 second?

Q3: And on the above case, How can we analyze the slow 30 second transaction?

Best regards,
Yasuo Ohnishi


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Yasuo O. were you able to get some answers to your questions? I can tell you that Q1 is not affected by the ATM. I'm not entirely sure about your other questions. To read more about the ATM click the following link:



Hello @ChadTurner 

I have similar issue.

We have app and do load test.

Adaptive traffic management is running during load test.


we analyze the logs of the application and results of the test and see that there are many operations that lasted for a minute (I also measured the time in the browser for a request in f12 mode)


But in Dynatrace we did not find any PurePath with 1 minute duration.

it shows that the maximum operation lasted 5 seconds and was 15 purapath like this

this situation was repeated in different tests


the question is how to get the ability to analyze the slowest operations, not the smallest (during Adaptive traffic management)



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