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Migrate Request Attributes (Java) from AppMon to Managed


Hello together


I currently have a task of rebuilding a class/method from AppMon into Dynatrace Managed with the following configuration in AppMon:


I know the Class, the Method and there is also the Argument "3 Declaration Type" with the Value 1.

Is there a easy way to migrate this with "Request Attribute" in Dynatrace Managed? I found the following:



Thanks for all your thoughts and tips.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You should be able to leverage the request attribute. were you able to get it all configured? 



Request attribute is the right way to do it to extract the parameters as attributes. But from the screenshot from AppMon you are using it to create the Business Transactions. So you need 3 things to do in Managed.


1. Create Custom Service Detection.

2. Create Request Attribute

3. Create Multi-Dimensional Analysis or a Custom Chart/Dashboard


Step 1:


Lets assume your class is like below




Create Custom Service Detection like below




Once you created the custom service


you can create Request Attributes like below




Restart you process once above is done. Now you can create the Multi Dimensional Analysis like below.





Thanks for your answer. I found almost the same path to create a BusinessTransaction in Dynatrace Managed:
- Create a Cusom Service

- Create a Request Attribute to collect the Attribute i need

- Mark as Key Request if you need special attention to the Requests and also if you need those in long-term history

- Create custom Metric with Multidimensional analysis, Create Analysis view

- Use the custom Metric on Dashboard

Dynatrace Managed is awesome, but if you have customer that knows  AppMon, it is sometimes hard to migrate them. Why not make a Documetation about "how to migrate from AppMon to Managed" with all the parts like BusinessTransaction, Alertings, Dashboards and so on. Also compared to AppMon, the dashboard part is not yet very mature (no thrilldown as it was possible in AppMon, not responsive etc.).