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Missing requests that take a long time

Using Dynatrace SAAS

We have a certain request which we would like to investigate further, but the most interesting ones are always missing.

See attached an IIS access log, so we are sure that there were requests. export-2018-03-08-12-56-25.csv

But, when we look for those via Service/Details/View Purepaths, they are not there. Only a few which went very fast.

Is there some limit here? If so, can this be changed?

Or is there something else going on?



What does it say in PurePath view?

These purepaths were just missing in Dynatrace. For this particular issue, we temporarily used AppMon again. And there they were showing up. I know AppMon has got the 10 minute limitation, but these long ones were not even 10 minutes.

It's been a while now, so I don't have a lot of details at this moment


I also have this problem and would like to understand.

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

maybe it's just some wrong search issue. i'm not sure which line in iis log is bound to which request. i can see that for one of identified requests corresponding iis lines are:

2018-03-08  10:35:17 fe80::589a:50d5:a04f:8040%12 POST /api/Timesheet/SyncFromTempo - 8000 - fe80::589a:50d5:a04f:8040%12 - - 401 0 0 15

2018-03-08 10:35:19 fe80::589a:50d5:a04f:8040%12 POST /api/Timesheet/SyncFromTempo - 8000 SOF\ProjectSync fe80::589a:50d5:a04f:8040%12 - - 200 0 0 2000

so selected requests in dt show start time of request (http 200 10:35:17 according to screenshot) and iis log shows finish time (http 200 10:35:19)

it would be better to post screenshot with exact time selection instead of last 2hours

Alanata a.s.

The short requests are indeed there.

But you see one in the logs of 714131ms, 662463ms and 315955ms which are not there. The timeframe is not the issue. As we were doing the requests live at that moment and we were watching the result in Dynatrace live as well.
It's only the duration of these requests. Which are 'atypical' off course.
So, my question is: Is there some time-limit here like in AppMon and can it be tuned?

i'm not aware of such time limit, i have not seen such long requests (5-12 minutes) so it's possible that there will be some limit, have you contacted support ?

Alanata a.s.

i can see some 5 minutes requests in one of our labs, but those are to opaque service..

Alanata a.s.

The fact that these requests took that long was indeed not normal. But that's off course the reason that we would liked to investigate them further. I didn't create a support ticket for this, since we went along with AppMon in this case and found the root-cause as well.

ok, but it would be nice to know the limits if there are any, so i would suggest to contact support, because dt documentation is not so rich right now

Alanata a.s.


I have already opened a support ticket for this case, but we still don't have the answer.

March, Dynatrace support guy even looked to our enviroment in a vídeo call, but didn't get the right answer for this behavior with long time Requests.

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