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Monitor calls to external web service from custom process group



we want to monitor requests to external services. In the DT environment we have multiple microservices, which execute calls to same external services. Our first approach was to create an external web request rule to monitor those requests. However, we realized, that we cannot distinguish between the callers. We saw, that under conditions it is possible to set a process group. Does the process group belong to the external service or to the calling service? 


The conditions looks like this and the calling service has a tag workflowruntime. With current approach the calls to the external serivce, which has ".authentication." & "" in the URL will not be tracked. If I remove the process group, everything works, but we see the calls from other process groups.  


How can we distinguish the different microservices, which call the external service?


Best regards,



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You should be able to see a segment in the services that list he calls to unmonitored URLS or 3rd parties. I would target the one you are looking for and mark it as a first party service. Can you confirm that the callers are being monitored by Dynatrace?


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