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Monitor windows perfmon counters & Unix Sysstat , Iostat counters via oneagent in DT Managed/SAAS


How can we monitor Windows perfmon counters & unix Sysstat, iostat counters via oneagent solution?

Is there a plugin available for the same?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You should be able to monitor perfmon counters directly by using oneagent plugins. You even should not need to write python code. You will just need to write the plugin.json file to collect the perfmon counters you need. This can be tricky, but you can get inspiration from plugins that come with Oneagent.

For sysstat/iostat you should also use oneagent plugin and do the collection in the python code. You also can use

Just one note - unless it has been generally enabled, you can't see custom metrics sent to host level (entity: "HOST" in plugin.json). There is a feature flag for this, that must be enabled by Dynatrace DevOps team. Until enabled, metrics can be sent, but you will not see them in Dynatrace. Maybe @Jakub M. will provide more info if this has been enabled for everyone.

More info here:

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Hello Julius , as writing a custom plugin will not be supported by dynatrace.

we are looking for a solution that is in GA and officially supported by Dynatrace

Custom plugins (the API) is definitely supported by Dynatrace (the API is there for at least a year, bundled plugins are also using this API), however, your code is of course not supported (by Dynatrace).
I don't think collecting "any" arbitrary iostat/perfmon counter will be available at all. That's why there is plugin sdk.

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Thanks @Julius L. for sharing the details ! I am working on this and will get back for any further questions!


@HIMANSHU m. Did you work out a solution for this? We are also looking to import some performance counter metrics.

@Ynias R. if your metrics really are not included by OneAgent (unless they are not specific to your apps or environment, then they are probably already collected), then at the moment you can have at least two options.

Personally, I would recommend the OneAgent extension. However if you need it for one or few hosts, it might be easier to collect and push the metrics using your scripts or 3rd party tool.

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