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Monitoring Perspectium with Dynatrace


I wanted to know if anybody out there is successfully monitoring the Perspectium (xl-release XebiaLabs) AIOps software environment with Dynatrace. I have had the invalid date issue for multiple reasons while trying to configure and monitor the environment. Yes the date was originally not one of the DT supported date formats, and there were log lines with no dates. Then the wrapper.log file seems to inject binary data for some reason into the file. You can cat the file on Unix but it goes "rampant" and you hear the classic beeping, and end having your terminal thrown out of its mind. But if you run strings on the file it works just fine. (logV2 I guess for Perspectium).

That said if anybody is successfully monitoring that environment, I would appreciate any guidance.  I am in the US and the Admin of the Perspectium/XebiaLabs environment is in Ireland although may temporarily be in India. 
Thanks for reading and any advise.




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@leif_ericksen were you able to get this working correctly? I see that the technology in question isn't officially supported by Dynatrace, but maybe it will be supported after Perform this year? 


I would say that we still have GAPS and could be doing things better. I am planning on attending Perform so maybe I will learn something there.

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