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Monitoring VMWARE in Dynatrace Managed



Reading the documentation, is not clear to me if customer needs an ActivateGate or not.

This customer has Dynatrace Managed. They would like to monitor vcenters (located in a different datacenter from dynatrace server). These vcenters hosts vms that have oneagents for different dynatrace environments.

So, do I need an Cluster ActiveGate, and an environment Activegate?

Or not, because the Dynatrace server is enough for vmware monitoring, and it doesn't matter if the vcenters are in another datacenter?

Thanks in advance.

Antonio V.



My interpretation is that you need an Environment ActiveGate no matter what the deployment looks like whether managed or saas.

Hi, Thank you. The thing is that for Managed, in this link they talk also about a Cluster ActiveGate:


Hi Antonio,

you'll need an Environment ActiveGate for monitoring the vCenters themselves because that's where the VMware metrics are pulled from:

(see Steves reply; the Managed Cluster can actually poll vCenter data itself)

If you just want to instrument the VMs with OneAgents and don't need the vCenter metrics you don't necessarily need an ActiveGate. But because the vCenter is in another data center it's probably a good idea to install an Environment ActiveGate so that every VMs doesn't have to constantly connect to the other data center where your Dynatrace Cluster is hosted.

best regards


Hi, thank you. But, what if I need vCenter metrics for two or more dynatrace environments. One ActiveGate will be enough? Or do I need one activegate for each environment?

Hi Antonio, I'm under the impression that only Environment ActiveGates can poll vCenters for metrics. So you would need one Environment AG for every Environment.

You may also be able to enable multi-environment support for your Environment AG for this scenario as long as your environments run on the same Cluster:
Then you would only need one Environment AG.

best regards

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi Antonio,

Actually, Environment ActiveGate is required for VMWare Monitoring (i.e. vCenter integration) for Dynatrace SaaS but optional for Dynatrace Managed.

If your Managed cluster can connect to your vCenter servers, then you should be able to do it without Environment or Cluster ActiveGate. (see here : ). I know it works as I have customers doing it.

On the other hand, if your vCenter servers are located in different data centres than your Managed cluster (which seems to be your case), it might be better to deploy at least one Environment ActiveGate for each of those data centers and use these to connect to the local vCenter servers. You would also get the additional benefit of proxying your OneAgent through the Environment AG, which would optimize your cross-datacenter bandwidth and simplify the firewall rule configuration.




Their is no need of Dynatrace Environment gateway for Integrating Vcenter in DT Managed Setup . DT Cluster itself have in built Security Gateway which can take of this integration . We are already using this integration without additional gateway in Tenant.

Hi, thank you for your answer. Do you know what ports should be open for this to work? I mean between Managed Server to vCenters?

Hi, Thank you.

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