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Monitoring Vue.js or Angular application




How do I monitor a vue.js or angular application?


Old struts/Spring MVC/ASP.NET MVC applications rendered HTML code for controls and components on server side before sending it to the client side, therefore those applications could be monitoring making regular HTTP requests.

Modern Javascript based frameworks like Vue.js and Angular render HTML code for controls and components on the client side.


How do I write a monitoring script that Logs In, verifies existence of certain keywords on the resulting page and Log out?




I have the same issue, but we use Dynatace, My application uses Vue.js and Nuxt.js, but I can't see any application in Dynatrace.

Maybe not supported Vue.js in Dynatrace.

You have dynatrace, or Appmon? In general there is no issue with vuejs. We have clients that has part of GUI in this technology and user actions are registered properly. There can be plenty of reasons why you don’t see user actions. DOM can be not valid, in such case OneAgent is not able to inject into browser. If it is injected but not Reporting, beacon url may be configured wrong. For vuejs you should enable catching XHR requests in configuration etc.


Regards, Sebastian

We use Dynatrace, the auto inject is not work, I'm not sure why maybe application is to complex, the architecture is Vue.js, Nuxt.js, PHP-FPM, and Swoole, we can't find any service in PHP process groups.

If you don't have service than it's not vue.js issue, it's something with auto instrumentation of PHP itself. When you go to process instance that should be instrumented you should have there info if there is any issue with that. In such case you should download support archive, and check detailed logs. Maybe you have unsupported php version or nginx/apache is in wrong version as well.


Regards, Sebastian

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