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Move Process Group Server



By mistake we left a server in a host group called "Pro", a process group was created that points to this host group "Pro" where only this server is.
The other servers are in the correct host group called "Prod" and in another process group pointing to "Prod"
How could we do to transfer that server that was left only to the process group that points to the host group "Prod".



The process group that has the host group "Pro" should not have been created, can it be deleted?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

The host that the service runs on is set to PRO and therefore showing on the service correct? To fix this i would recommend correcting the Host Group via the Oneagent CTL. Once completed, you may need to recycle that service you provided an image of for it to update the values.



you can also uninstall and reinstall the oneagent if the CTL is not a viable option for you


We already update the host group on the server with this command: oneagentctl --set-host-group = Prod, we restart the agent and the assigned server is now correctly left, but 2 process groups continue to appear, one pointing to the host group "Pro" ( that was wrong) and where only that server appears and another to host group Prod that is the correct one. How can we move the server from one group to another? or create a rule.

You need to recycle those processes for the metadata to update. if you just recycled the oneagnet and you saw the HG change on the host, then it will only update the host level properties. All Service level and Process level data needs a recycle of that process/service. 


Sorry, but what do you mean by recycling process / service?
Isn't it the same as restart?

"Recycle" refers to restarting the service/process running on the host. Where "Restart" typically refers to restarting the entire host. 


So by saying Recycle the process, that means that the whole host doesn't need to go down, you just need to restart a service running on that host. 


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