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Moving to Grail: pulling out all Log Management data


I am currently exploring pulling out all Log Management log data from Dynatrace, prior to flicking the switch to Grail.

My customer has expressed some concern over the loss of 35 days of data. The risk of having a critical incident and not having the right logs to troubleshoot presents some concern and exposure to the support teams.

So, I presume once you are on Log Management V2, it's the SAME API?

I presume it is because EVENT HUB, ActiveGate, and OneAgents do not change. They are tuned to phone home and PUSH Logs to the same place. If it's Grail, it just hits different backend storage and then presented in a new frontend servlet.

Any tips for pulling 100% of data, and making sure watermarks are in place to validate ingest?

When pushing the data back into Dynatrace Grail, I presume I can push as is, all relevant context will be in place, so its the same data at the end of the day. If it wasn't, metrics and dimensions wouldn't work.

Do I need to think about BUCKETS within GRAIL for ARCHIVE data?

Help, tips, ideas welcome.



Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Greg,

if you're exploring this because your customer needs that 35 days of data from Log V2 (Log Monitoring Classic), then I suggest you stay tuned for upcoming news about data migration support in the product. It will probably save you a lot of work and headaches, and solve customer's worries.



Ok nice to know. I was thinking there wasnt a solution to handle migration from classic to Grail. A customer raised concerns to me and the documentation also is worrying:

Existing log data

Your existing log data will not be available.

My own company is an integrator, we can pull and push data anywhere. We have pushed and pulled from Dynatrace before, so was looking for anything that might be different with Grail. The API looks the same.

It's for the security of the "logs" and to protect integrity to the "content" of the log that you might want to prefer to wait until the product feature is released.


Do we have any timescales known for this feature? Q3 2023? Q1 2024?

We can probably give you a precise answer about the availability in the coming months, please stay tuned!

Hi all,

please see the release notes for Dynatrace v269 highlighting the option to migrate your data from LM Classic (Log V2) to Log powered by Grail:


This apeared this morning, so seems there are some enhancements already...



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